The heart of this unique Sonic drilling system consists of 2 ex-centers that are driven by 2 small high-speed (6-12.000rpm) hydro-enggines. The high frequency vibrations (100-200Hz) that are transferred in smart and effective way to the drilling vods. The SEBA - Universal Current Meter F1 serves to determine the current velocities in water courses, canals, rivers and the sea, for use with rods or as cable-suspended meter equipment from 0.025m/sec up to 10 m/sec. The CIRAS-2 is a true differential system. It features 4 independent, non-dispersive gas analyzes for accurate, simultaneous measurement of both CO2 and H2O, eliminating the problems associated with “gas switching” systems. Surechem is a leader provider in the field of Soil, Water, Crops, Climate, Waste and Physical Sunvey. We are keen to be your partner in sharing our experience and knowledge in selecting the best products for your application. Please like us on Facebook to find out more about Surechem. We are specialized in the field of Water, Crops, Environmental and Soil. Please follow us @SurechemMAS to find out more about our activities.123456


Peat Sampler, Standard Set to 10m

The stainless steel peat sampler is in fact a kind of gouge auger. The peat sampler is pushed into the soil manually. The sample containing part is a half cylinder. The peat sampler distinguishes itself from the standard gouge auger as its cone is massive.




PP System Ciras 3

As reported by many researchers, there is a big difference betweeen "portable" and "transportable". With its small footprint and the main console weighing just 4.3 kg, CIRAS 3 makes measurements in those "hard to reach" places not only easier but possible. Its light weight and small footprint also means reduced fatifgue and site disturbance of fragile vegetation.