PAR Sensors

Available as PAR Quantum, PAR Special and PAR Energy

These sensors are traditionally used in plant growth studies.  We can offer waterproof models suitable for long term exposure and underwater applications, and splashproof models of the PAR Quantum & PAR Energy suitable for glasshouses, plant growth cabinets, etc.

The PAR Quantum is the sensor with the ideal 100% quantum efficiency curve and is traditionally used in plant growth studies. The spectral response has been well researched and documented and is widely accepted as ‘the standard’. The PAR Quantum has an output in micromols.m-2.s-1 and the PAR Energy in watts.m-2.

The PAR ‘Special’ has a response which has been tailored to match the light used by a typical green plant and gives an output in micromols.m-2.s-1.