WinCAM NDVI is an image analysis software which can do various types of measurements, most of them color or NDVI related (CAM = Color Area Meter). For various objects or scenes it can quantify color clusters of interest, measure objects morphology and classify objects based on color content, quantify color uniformity or aggregation, do profilometry analyses (color variation along path lines) and measure spectral vegetation indices (index such NDVI, ENDVI, EVI…),.

WinCAM NDVI uses image analysis to quantify areas of different color that falls into clusters that you specify. It has a wide variety of applications. For example, it can measure the diseased area on fruits, leaves, flowers or any other material that shows a minimum of color contrasts. Quantification of soil covered (by vegetation) is another analysis it can do. WinCAM NDVI is very sensitive and can detect very small color differences. Its interactive design makes it easy to use.

It can measure objects morphology such as area, length and width (and more) by different methods. It also measures their area in function of color, color aggregation and can classify them based on different criteria: color dominance, ratio of colors, spectral or vegetation index (NDVI, ENDVI, EVI, Greenness…).