The CSI Web Server allows you to view your RTMC projects using a web browser. You can also change input locations and public variable values, toggle ports/flags, and browse through historical report data from a web browser.
  • The CSI Web Server software package includes the CSI Web Server, CSI Web Server Administrator, and the Web Publisher.
  • The CSI Web Server runs on a PC and displays projects created using RTMC or RTMC Pro in any web browser that supports HTML5.
  • The Web Server Administrator allows you to configure or check the status of the Web Server, and easily browse to one or more websites running on the Web Server.
  • The Web Publisher is used to publish your RTMC or RTMC Pro project to either a PC website running the CSI Web Server or to an HTTP-enabled data logger such as a CR6 or CR1000 with an NL120 attached. (Publishing to a data logger requires an RTMC Pro project.)
  • In addition, the Web Publisher has display settings that allow you to show other tabs for data browsing and network status.
  • The CSI Web Server package is included with RTMC Pro.
  • It can also be purchased separately for use with the standard RTMC Development application that is bundled with LoggerNet, LoggerNet Admin, and RTDAQ.
Current Version 1.6
Operating System Windows 11, 10, 8, or 7 (Both 32- and 64-bit operating systems are supported.)