Global Solar Radiation Sensor

Radiometers designed for measurement according to ISO 9060 and WMO No. 8 (Part I, Chapter 7). These sensors are classified as an ISO9060 Secondary Standard. With a total daily uncertainty of only 2%, fast response times, these sensors are ideal for users requiring high-level accuracy and reliability.


  • Spectrally flat Class A pyranometers (Secondary Standard);
  • Compliant with EC 61724-1: 2017;
  • RVH technology: Recirculating Ventilation and Heating (DPA953);
  • Measurement of the angle of inclination (DPA953);
  • Calibration traceable to WRR;
  • Outputs: irradiance in W/m², sensor body temperature, inclination angle, humidity and pressure inside the sensor;
  • Ideal sensor for monitoring the performance of solar panels and meteorological networks.
Model Secondary Standard Pyranometers First Class Pyranometers Second Class Pyranometers
Description Pyranometers with a total daily accuracy of only 2%
Pyranometers with 5% total daily accuracy
Pyranometers with 10% total daily accuracy