IMKO globeLog

Your globeLog has been built and designed with the basic principles of reliability and stability in mind
  • IMKO globeLog the new generation of data loggers
  • Up to 48 TRIME®-probes and other IMKO sensor modules are connectable
  • 2 MByte data storage capacity
  • Data transfer via cellular radio
  • Internet data visualisation
  • Robust, lightweight, weatherproof (IP67)
  • Easy programming
  • Ultra Low Power

Power supply: 

external - 10..24V/DC (12V recommended)
Power consumption: Sleep (between the measurements) approx. 0,1mA
Power consumption: Idle (active, but no measurement) approx. 10mA
Power consumption: During the measurement approx. 35mA (only Logger, sensors according to configuration of the system)
Power consumption: During the data communication 30..50mA according to network quality



Logger from -40 to +60°C
Modem from -20 to +60°C (sub-limit selectable, lower than -10°C with limited functionality)


On-site data transmission: 

Interface RS232
Required Software GlobeLogControl
Required Hardware Windows-PC with Windows2000 or higher


Remote data transmission:

Hardware Internal Quad-Band GSM-Modem
Data Service GSM/GPRS
Transfer Protocol http
Transfering Costs (daily data transmission) Lower than 1€ (in Germany, country-specific, nevertheless you have to pay only for local connection)
Required Software (for remote maintenance and data storage) GlobeLogControl
Required Hardware  Windows-PC with Internet access, Windows2000 or higher, data will be transfered via e-mail by the globeLog Logger


Data storage/Data logging: 

Storage Type data memory Flash (non-volatile memory)
Memory Size 2MB
Organisation Data will be recorded until the memory is full. Further accumulating data will be lost
Measuring interval 1min..12h
Number of measured data >250.000
 Erasing of measured data on-site or via remote data transmission DFÜ (optional)

Input channels: 

IMP-Bus 1-4 - Up to 48 channels (Sensors can be up to 3- channels)
IMP-Bus 1-3 For Sensors with switched supply voltage (is switched of between the measurements)
IMP-Bus 4 For Sensors with permanent voltage
 Housekeeping channels

- 1x internal temperature

- 1x supply voltage

- 1x voltage of back-up battery