Topographic Accessories

The topographic accessories such as bolts, prisms, and targets are mainly used in topographic survey and monitoring. Reference bolts are threaded to accept optical targets. Rotary targets can be also mounted on a simple threaded bar or attached to an inexpensive “L” shaped bracket. The GMP104 equivalent to the Leica mini-prism provides good survey performance. Its aluminum bracket can be mounted and adjusted easily for 3D surveys. Topographic benchmarks and bolts can be supplied when topographic levelling is required.

  • Set consist of threaded reference bolts, removable optical targets, mini monitoring prism mounted in metal holder, rotary reflecting double-target with threaded anchors and topographic benchmarks with removable stainless steel head.
  • Mini prisms are use with total robotic stations
  • Optical targets are inexpensive and easy to install
  • Removable targets can be re-used in different sections