05.03 Grass Plot Sampler

These stainless steel gouge augers with different dimensions consist of a steel auger pipe, a collecting bucket and a stick with a steel handle. The auger pipe is filled by pressing the collecting bucket with your foot. Because of the conical shape of this pipe the sample is easily pushed toward the collecting trough when the next sample is taken. The correct number of samples per hectare depends, among other factors, on the type of crop, the relief and the type of soil. In case of grassland it is required to take 30 samples per hectare. It is possible to take samples of the top 5 cm (resp. 10 cm) of grass covered areas, for root- and/or fertilization research, quickly with these type of augers. The grass plot sampler is particularly suitable for research in grassland farming but also in horticulture and for the Parks and Public Gardens Department. Gouge auger set for top layers Grass plot samplers.
  • Take samples while walking
  • Perfect for shallow root zone sampling
  • Perfect for soil sampling on air-born deposits
  • Sample can never be longer than 7 or 10 cm
  • Tough non toxic stainless steel