06.15 SA Penetrologger

The penetrologger is a versatile instrument for in situ measurement of the resistance to penetration of the soil.  The cone is screwed on the probing rod, which is connected with a quick coupling to the force sensor on the penetrologger. Now the cone is pushed slowly and regularly into the soil. The depth reference plate, which is on the soil surface, reflects the signals of the ultrasonic sensor, which results in a very accurate depth measurement. 

  • No mechanical parts, strong and reliable
  • Incorporated fast GPS. Data are auto-stored
  • Soil moisture indicator can be connected
  • Record one moisture % per measurement
  • Moisture recordings allow comparing of data
  • 500 fully digital depth / force recordings
  • Numerous different projects can be defined
  • Projects can be selected at any moment


Angle of cone 60 °
Cone surface range 1, 2, 3.3, 5 cm²
Data output .txt, other
Data storage capacity 1500
International Protection Rating 54
Maximum measuring depth 0.80 m
Measured parameters penetration resistance
Measuring range 0...10000 kPa
Data plug type RS232