Rhizotron chambers

Rhizotron chambers high-resolution images of the root system can be recorded automatically over the growing period which for example then can be used for a computer-based determination of the root density distribution. Due to the vividness of the observation system it is also perfect for school and teaching experiments. The size of rhizotron chambers can range from a few centimeters for laboratory plants such as Arabidopsis, over large volume chambers for young trees to chambers with a height of 1.5 m for experiments with grain or crops. Depending on the requirements, the chambers can be placed together in rhizotron blocks and can be subjected to the same or varying boundary conditions. Furthermore, the rhizotron chambers can optionally be equipped with water content sensors, tensiometers, suction cups, oxygen probes, temperature sensors, and pH-foils for the monitoring of various boundary conditions and state variables. Depending on the requirements, the dimensions and instrumentation of the rhizotron chambers can be adapted. Rhizotron chambers can be placed in the laboratory or outdoors.