HFP01SC-L Hukseflux Self-Calibrating Soil Heat Flux Plate

The HFP01SC consists of a thermopile and a film heater. The thermopile measures temperature gradients across the plate. During the in-situ field calibration, the film heater is used to generate a heat flux through the plate. The amount of power used to generate the calibration heat flux is measured by the data logger. Each plate is individually calibrated, at the factory, to output flux.
  • Corrects for errors due to differences in thermal conductivity between the sensor and surrounding medium, temperature variations, and slight sensor instabilities
  • Compatible with most Campbell Scientific data loggers
  • Uses Van den Bos-Hoeksma self-calibration method to provide a high degree of measurement accuracy


Sensor Type Thermopile with film heater
Sensitivity 50 μV W-1 m-2 (nominal)
Nominal Resistance 2 Ω
Temperature Range -30° to +70°C
Expected Typical Accuracy ±3% of reading
Heater Resistance 100 Ω (nominal)
Heater Voltage Input 9 to 15 Vdc
Heater Voltage Output 0 to 2 Vdc
Duration of Calibration ±3 minutes @ 1.5 W (typically performed every 3 to 6 hours)
Average Power Consumption 0.02 to 0.04 W
Plate Diameter 80 mm (3.15 in.)
Plate Thickness 5 mm (0.20 in.)
Weight 200 g (7.05 oz) without cable