Lord Sampler

The Lord Sampler is 38" (0.97 m) in overall length with a 1" (2.5cm) shaft X 1.310" (3.3 cm) handle plus handle grips. The "T" handle assembly is made of rugged and welded aluminum tubing and the one foot sample inspection and removal portion, which is now replaceable, is made of tough chrome molly tubing with a black oxide finish. The replaceable cutting tip is made of unfinished but heat treated stainless steel.

  • The unit is also marked in 6" (15.2cm) increments to assure you are at the desired depth while sampling.
  • Optional with this design is a 4 foot depth option (0224L04) or a stainless steel sample inspection and removal portion.
  • Sampler length: 38 inches; Shaft length 1 inch Handle 1.31 inches Optional design: 4 ft depth.
  • Weight: 2.20 lbs. Dimensions: 42X12X3 inches.
  • Applicable in Soil Sampling, Environmental Monitoring and Soil Physics.