The intelligent rod sensor PICO64 is ideal for monitoring systems that determine soil moisture, temperature and electrical conductivity in soils and other porous materials. The integration of a probe and TDR evaluation electronics is unique so far. Our TRIME TDR probes measure soil conductivity, moisture and temperature on a volumetric Basis. It determines the salinity in mg salt per Liter water for different soils at varying levels of moisture without complicated laboratory measurements. Because of the mechanical robustness TRIME-PICO64 is optimal for mobile usage with our Bluetooth module PICO-BT or the robust hand-held meter HD2.

  • Moisture measurement in soils and many more materials
  • A solid solution for heterogeneous and stony soils
  • Measurement of water content, temperature, electrical conductivity and salinity
  • A maximum of accuracy and network capability are reached
  • Sensor networks of up to 3 km length are possible
  • Precise measuring results are guaranteed even in heterogeneous and skeletal soils
  • TRIME-PICO64 is unaffected by high temperatures or conductivities
  • Includes an integrated temperature sensor
  • SDI-12 interface
  • Measuring range of 0..100 vol. %
  • Operational up to more than 12dS/m bulk soil conductivity
  • Measuring volume > 1250ml
  • Robust (IP68) and for long-term installations suitable
  • Installation could be vertically or horizontally