501 with Level Electrode

MJK 501 level relay with level electrodes is a very simple pump control that is mostly used as a safety measure. MJK 501 is often used to safeguard against water on the floor. The signal is generated based on the conductivity of the water. If the electrodes detect water, you can either send an alarm or start a pump to protect non-submersible pumps or other valuable electronics.

The MJK 501 level control, with electrode management, consists of an electrode holder allowing a total of four electrodes. The electrodes are made of stainless steel and are connected to the amplifier via the electrode holder. The electrode controller can be adjusted to the desired length, and set to either pumping in or pumping out.

Supply 115/230 V AC ±10%, app. 4VA
Sensitivity Min.: 100 mA Max.: 1mA
Relay Output Voltage-free switch, max. 250V, 4A resistive, 1A inductive