Data Logger Dipper-PT Relative Pressure

High-performance 32 bit measurement data collector optimised for water-level and temperature monitoring in ground and surface waters

32-bit microprocessor with 16 MB of memory for 1,120,000 readings

Virtually maintenance free:
A battery change is not necessary, and so ongoing operating costs are not incurred.

Installation using 1" tube diameter (probe)

For each measuring task - a suitable measurement routine: single value measurement, average value measurement, event control (swelling mode, Delta Mode), flow calculation (W/Q table, polynomial).

Accurate and reliable:

  • Water level: 0.05 % Measurement accuracy (= 1 cm at 20 m measuring range)
  • A wide selection of ceramic capacitive pressure transducers from 0.2 bar to 30 bar 
  • Temperature: 0.3 °C (standard), 0.1 °C (optional)

Stainless steel housing 1.4404 (standard) and 1.4539 (option); can also be used under extreme environmental conditions (landfills, contaminated sites, brackish water etc.)

2-step, permanent flood protection up to 3 m water column

Two clever APPs are available for configuration and data read-out of the Dipper-PT. Operating software for beginners SEBAConfig (Windows) a user-friendly interface (Wizard) for various routine tasks. SEBAConfigApp (Android, iOS) and BlueCon 2 (Bluetooth® module) can be conveniently combined for configuration and data collection of Dipper-PT via Bluetooth® with a smartphone or tablet.

The data transmission module SlimCom can be combined with Dipper-PT to transmit the data directly to your workstation. For measuring tasks with short recording intervals starting from 1 second (e.g. for pumping tests) the use of an external power pack module is recommended.

 Water Level

Sensor Relative pressure sensor
Measurement Principle Capacitive with ceramic measuring cell
Measuring Range


0-2/1/4/5/20/40/100/200/300 m water column or according to specifications

Measuring Accuracy ± 0.05% FS
Long Term Stability ±0.1 %/year


Water Temperature

Sensor NTC with polynomial linearisation
Measurement Principle NTC resistor
Measuring Range

-5 °C - +50 °C

Measuring Accuracy 0,3 °C Standard, 0,1 °C Option



Controller 32 Bit Flash controller with integrated WatchDog RTC-IC Real Time Clock
Memory Capacity

16 MB (= 1,120,000 readings)

Save Interval 30 s - 99 hours, standard, from 2 s in the quick-log mode, optionally
Channels max. 32 (e.g. water level, temperature, battery voltage)
Measurement Routines Single value, average value, event clock, Delta mode, pumping test control
Communication Interface RS485 (with protective cap and moisture absorber)
Operation Interface Converter (RS 485/USB), BlueCon (Bluetooth)



Material 1.4404 Standard Stainless Steel or 1.4539 High-Grade Stainless Steel (optional)
Dimensions Ø 22 mm, length: 300 mm
Protection Class

Probe: IP68

RS485 interface: IP67 (immersion depth with a desiccant cartridge up to 3 m, depending on the cable length)



Power Supply 2 x 3.6 V lithium AA batteries
Service Life > 8 years at 60min intervals
Operating Temperature -5 °C - +60 °C (non-freezing)
Hanging Depth Up to 1,000m
Suspension Unit

Independently of the diameter for SEBA caps from the 2" pipe diameter, standard

diameter-dependent suspending boards for SEBA caps from 2" pipe diameter, optional

Measuring Device Protection Protective caps for the RS485 interface (dust and moisture protection)

Specially reinforced measuring cable with Goretex membrane pressure-compensation line.

Desiccant cartridge with silica gel for protection of the pressure-compensation line.


Power Pack 

Material 1.4404 standard stainless steel, 1.4539 high-grade stainless steel (optional)
Dimensions Ø 35 mm, length: 345 mm
Protection Class IP68
Power Supply

4 x 1.5 V alkaline manganese batteries, standard

Service Life 24 days at 1 second intervals