Efficient wireless system for managing groundwater monitoring networks

Diver-Netz Components

  • Diver water level loggers. The Mini-Diver, Cera-Diver, Micro-Diver, CTD-Diver and Baro-Diver enable you to measure groundwater levels, temperature and conductivity (CTD-Diver only) accurately
  • Diver-DXT acquires data and adjusts Diver water level logger settings wirelessly. Diver-DXT connects directly to Diver water level loggers in the well and instantly links to your smartphone
  • Diver-Mobile is a smartphone application for wireless connection with Diver-DXT for collecting monitoring data at a distance of up to 400 meters. The data collected is sent via cellular network to the office automatically for data storage and analysis
  • Diver-Gate provides communication between Diver-DXT and smartphone via Bluetooth
  • Diver-Office for managing, analyzing and interpreting monitoring data to compose professional reports using user-friendly desktop software
  • Improve your efficiency by up to 85% by collecting field data wirelessly from multiple wells using your smartphone
  • Safely collect data at a distance from difficult to access locations
  • Achieve precise measurements of groundwater levels, temperature and conductivity with compact and dependable Diver water level loggers
  • Easy to install in virtually any environment and in most monitoring wells
  • Simplifies your project workflows by automatically transferring of field data from your smartphone to the office
  • Manage, analyze, visualize, and report your monitoring data with user-friendly software