LogCom-Q/UniLogCom-Q Ultrasound Doppler

Robust, compact, multi-channel data logger with an integrated cellular modem optimised for continuous flow measurement in small channels, streams and partially filled pipes.

As experience shows, the metrological monitoring of small streams and channels is difficult because no power supply or telecommunications landlines are usually available. The new Q-module series provides not only an excellent price/performance ratio, but also reduces the assembly costs to a necessary minimum.

The LogCom-Q combines a logger, remote data transmission unit  and a measurement transducer within in a robust aluminum housing with a 4" threaded connector. For the installation of the measuring system only a 4 "- protective tube is required with a pipe thread. The UnilogCom-Q "housed" variant can be conveniently placed within protective housings or water gauge houses.

Small and fine:
The stationary PSC Pulse Doppler Combined Sensor is characterised by its extremely slim design, which reduces the disturbance of the flow profile to a minimum. This has an especially positive effect on the measurement with very low flow velocities. The PSC can be installed horizontally or vertically in the measuring section and so it is able to measure the velocity profile in a maximum of 18 cells reliably and accurately, starting at a 4-cm water level. Furthermore, the PSC-sensor comes with an integrated ultrasonic sensor for water level measurement of up to 1.3 m. The fixing of the Pulse Doppler Combined Sensor in the water takes place, for example, using a mounting plate or a clamping ring set.

Owing to the low energy consumption, the Q-module series can be supplied with standard 1.5V single cell, 12V exchangeable batteries or solar panels.

Upon reaching the predefined event thresholds, e.g. in case of flooding, the LogCom-Q/UnilogCom-Q automatically shortens both the measurement and the transmission intervals. Regardless, an alarm SMS will be sent to up to eight participants.

Flow Velocity

Sensor Ultrasonic pulse Doppler
Measurement Principle Ultrasound doppler
Acoustic Frequency 1.04 MHz
Measuring Range ± 5.1 m/s (with backflow detection)
Measuring Accuracy ± 2% FS
Particle Concentration >50ppm
Number of Cells Max. 18*
Profile Sector 0.31 - 2.44m
Cell Size 1.7 - 13.6cm*

* Depending on water level 


Water Level

Sensor Ultrasound
Measurement Principle Ultrasound
Measuring Range 0.04 - 1.30m
Measuring Accuracy ± 1.2% FS



Material Epoxy
Dimensions 110x25x15mm (LxWxH)
Protection Class IP68

Base plate

Adaptable to clamping rings of DN200-1450



Operating Temperature 0°C - 60°C
Cable Length 10m (Standard), max. 80m