Neon Server Applications Software Model 2302A

The Neon Server Applications software is the server-based suite of software that is part of an overall Neon system. This suite of software provides centralised data capture and management for remote field-based Neon data loggers and RTU units.

Suitable for:

  • Remote data monitoring and acquisition
  • Environmental compliance reporting
  • Metering for utilities
  • Asset monitoring
  • Modbus TCP
  • Industrial Measurement


  • Low communications overhead
  • Scalable architecture
  • The software can be installed on
  • Windows 2008/2012 server
  • Physical servers or virtual servers
  • Scalable server platforms depending on a number of loggers / RTUs required
  • View data from any browser on the internet
  • Reconfigure Neon remote loggers on-line
  • Diagnose and reset Neon remote loggers on-line
  • Upload new logger schemes on-line
  • Automated FTP/ Web Services/email reports
  • Data exchange with established third party systems, including Hydstra and Aquarius
  • Automated email and SMS alarm notifications
  • True IP services/guaranteed data delivery system
  • Industry-standard Microsoft .net architecture
  • SQL database: SQL express, SQL standard or SQL enterprise

Unidata Hosted

Unidata hosts the Neon Applications Software on our secure Neon 1 Server and Neon 2 Servers located in a secure data processing centre. A fee for service applies per connected Neon Remote Terminal or Neon Remote Module.

Client Server

Clients can purchase their own server hardware and a Neon Applications Software License to run on their own server.
The server size can be scaled according to the number of connected Neon Remote Terminals or Neon Remote Modules ( NRT/NRM).
The low end is up to 50 NRT/ NRMs; Mid-range is 51 to 200 NRT/ NRMs and High end is 200+ NRT/NRMs.

Basic Server Specifications

  • CPU: Intel Core i5/i7 (low end), Intel entry Xeon 3400 series (mid-end), Intel Xeon 5500/7500 series (high end)
  • DRAM: 4GBytes (low to mid-end) / 8GBytes (high end)
  • Hard Disk: 150 GByte SATA II (low end), 300GByte SATA II (dual drives) (mid-range) and 500 GByte SCSI (multiple drives) (high end)
  • OS: Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 Server or 2012 Server, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or later, Express, Standard or Enterprise editions;
    SQL Database License which can be scaled to either SQL Express, SQL Standard or SQL Enterprise

Alternatively, it may be simpler to set up an instance of Windows 2008 Server on a virtual server.