Prefabricated Flumes

A range of prefabricated flumes for open channel flow measurement is delivered as accessories to the 713 Flow Meter. MJK delivers 3 types of measurement flumes; venturi, parshall and palmer bowlus, which cover most needs. Depending on type, these measurement flumes are produced in stainless steel or glass fiber-armed polyester

The measuring flumes are often used in treatment plants, for stormflow sites or industrial wastewater outlets. Here they are used - together with the 713 flow meter - to settle wastewater charges. Therefore, the prefabricated flumes from MJK can be used to provide optimal measurements in open channels. The range of flumes from MJK covers flow from 35 m3/h to 2000 m3/h. The flumes are available for installation in channel constructions.

MJK manufactures both electromagnetic flow meters for measuring conductive liquids in pipes as well as open channel flow meters for measurement at stormflow weirs in measuring channels. Therefore, MJK flow meters are widely used for drinking and wastewater systems, but also for industry and aquaculture. Flow measurement is used for accurate measurement and efficient control at many treatment plants, waterworks and industries around the world.