SEBAPuls Radar Sensor for Level Measurement

The SEBAPuls does not come into direct contact with the measured medium. Therefore, the measuring cell is not affected by a gauging sectional narrowing, even by undesirable deposits (e.g. lime, mud, sand, etc.).

The radar sensor operates without any wear at all: even routine maintenance works are usually not required.

Easy Installation:
With the help of  mounting clamps and brackets, SEBAPuls can be easily fixed onto bridges or piers.

Robust, precise:
Whether it rains or snows, the pulse method measures the water level reliably and with high measurement accuracy, even with large temperature fluctuations.

Owing to the low power consumption, SEBAPuls can also be operated autonomously with a solar panel or a 12 V replaceable battery.

Type SEBAPuls 8 SEBAPuls 15 SEBAPuls 30 SEBAPuls 35 SEBAPuls 120
Measuring Range 0-8m 0-15m 0-30m 0-35m 0-120m
Measuring Accuracy ±5mm ±2mm ±2mm ±2mm ±5mm
Material PVDF
Dimensions ø 68 mm,
Length: 109 mm
ø 68 mm,
Length: 109 mm
ø 76 mm,
Length: 130 mm
ø 115 mm,
Length: 245 mm
ø 115 mm,
Length: 245 mm
Protection Class IP66/68 IP66/68 IP66/68 IP68 IP68
Output 4 … 20 mA 4 ... 20 mA, Modbus,
SDI-12, RS-485
Operating Temperature -40°C - 60°C -40°C - 80°C