More affordable 1-2-channel data logger in pocket format

The new Unilog-Light in pocket format is the inexpensive solution for reliable storage of analog and digital signals.

According to the measurement task, the user has a custom-made Unilog-Light at their disposal.

The Unilog-Light is especially characterised by its low energy consumption as well as by its intelligent power management. Depending on which variant is chosen, the power supply can be provided with an internal 9 V block battery, an external 12 V battery, solar panel or with a 230 V/12 VDC power supply unit.

Two apps are available for configuration and data read-out of the UniLog-Light. Operating software ConfigPC (Windows) for beginners has an intuitive user interface (Wizard) for various routine tasks. ConfigApp (Android) and BlueCon (our Bluetooth module) are combined to facilitate configuration and data read-out wirelessly with a smartphone or tablet, directly from a data logger.

With the GSM/GPRS modem type GSM742 Unilog-Light can be expanded into a remote data transmission system with intelligent alarm management.



32Bit Flash controller with integrated WatchDog RTC-IC Real-Time Clock

Memory Capacity 16 MB (= 1.120.000 readings)
Save Interval 2min - 99 hours
Channels Max. 32 
Measurement Routines Single value, Average value, Event clock, Delta mode
Communication Interface RS232 (standard)

Interface cable (USB/RS232)

BlueCon (Bluetooth)


Unilog-Light-R: 1 x pulse (rain)

Unilog-Light-ENC: Encoder input (angle encoders)

Unilog Light Analog *): 2 x analog standard signals (0/4-20 mA, 0-1 V, 0-5 V), 1 x RS485 (SHWP)

Unilog Light SHWP *): 1 x RS485 (SHWP) for digital SEBA sensors

Unilog Light SDI12 *): 1 x SDI-12



Material Aluminium
Dimensions 143x85x38 mm (LxWxH)
Display 3-line LCD display
Keyboard 3 multifunction buttons
Protection Class IP65
Fastening Retaining clip



Power Supply

Unilog-Light-R/ENC: 9 V block battery 6LR61 alkaline manganese (standard), 9 V block battery 6AM6 Lithium (option)

Unilog Light Analog /SHWP /SDI-12: 12 VDC, external

Operating Temperature -40°C - +70°C