Wave Gauge - NIWA DOBIE

DOBIE is a wave gauge with a unique ability: raw pressure data are processed onboard to produce wave statistics and spectra in real time. This makes DOBIE easy to use, for the lay user and expert alike, since usable information is downloaded directly, with no further data processing required. Because data are analysed onboard, DOBIE can be used to trigger linked instruments or raise alarms at remote stations, based on the prevailing wave conditions. Applications include monitoring wave height and telemetering an alarm signal back to a civil defence office when waves first exceed dangerous heights, and sending wave information back to a shore station on a regular basis for rebroadcasting in a boating report.

The DOBIE has undergone several advancements over the years - it is no longer only a wave gauge, although this is still its primary function. We now offer various upgrade options, which add sensors and/or functionality. The sensor upgrades include:

  • Seapoint turbidity
  • Seapoint Fluorometer
  • Greenspan Conductivity & Temperature

Option and function upgrades include:

  • Extended battery versions (twice the standard battery capacity for longer deployments)
  • ZebraTech Sensor wipers (for self- cleaning of optical sensors)
  • Real-time transmitted data and external power of instruments

These options and upgrades are quoted on an individual basis.