Skye ‘All-in-one’ Weather Sensor

Skye has been supplying its flagship MiniMet Automatic Weather Station for over 25 years.  The research grade station is popular with researchers around the world. Skye is now pleased to launch its ‘all-in-one weather sensor’.  The same build quality and high specification sensors, mounted on the same bracket, and can be connected to your datalogger. Skye has recognised that some customers may already have a datalogger and therefore do not need to invest in a new one.  Or do not require a datalogger as they will be connecting sensors to a PLC. Whatever the reason, we are pleased to present an ‘all-in-one weather sensor’ that can be connected to your datalogger or PLC. The unit will work flawlessly in outdoor environments and is completely weatherproof.

  • Sensors mounted on one bracket
  • Robust with durable sensors proven to withstand life in the field
  • Plug and play with 0-4 volt output
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy installation to walls and masts