Groundwater Monitoring System

Importance of Groundwater Monitoring

Rural areas and plantations often depend on groundwater as their main water source. Thus, monitoring groundwater is a critical component of any environmental information system. Validated groundwater monitoring data is used to generate information from which decisions can be made.

Continuous measurement of groundwater provide useful data for evaluating resource changes over time, detection of contaminants, developing ground-water models, forecasting trends and to identify the long term sustainability of an aquifer as a safe and stable water supply. 
Groundwater Monitoring System Groundwater Monitoring System Groundwater Monitoring System

Groundwater Monitoring Telemetry System

A datalogger is usually the primary component of a groundwater monitoring telemetry system. The proposed datalogger is compatible with wide range of sensor types and with the addition of wireless transmission modem,  groundwater data can be transmit real-time to various data monitoring platform such as Neon Server Application Software via cellular or satellite (for remote areas).

TD-Diver is usually integrated into groundwater monitoring telemetry system for level & temperature measurement. Precise level measurement can be achieve by having an additional Baro-Diver for accurate barometric compensation.

Example of use of a groundwater monitoring telemetry system are:
  • Long term water level monitoring 
  • Groundwater monitoring projects
  • Watershed, drainage basin and recharge areas
  • Stream gauging, lake levels and reservoirs
  • Wetlands and stormwater run-off monitoring
Saltwater Intrusion Monitoring

Saltwater Intrusion Monitoring

Salinity is calculated indirectly through electrical conductivity and temperature measurement. The electrical conductivity (EC) of a soil or water sample is influenced by the concentration and composition of dissolved salts. Salts increase the ability of a solution to conduct an electrical current, so a high EC value indicates a high salinity level.

The corrosion proof CTD-Diver designed with innovative ceramic housing technology can be integrated with data logger for pressure, temperature and conductivity measurements. Thus making it the most suitable sensor for saltwater intrusion monitoring application.


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