Sediment basin

Total Suspended Solids & Turbidity Monitoring

Untreated water from construction activities such as dewatering may contain pollutants that, if discharged without proper management, would most likely exceed applicable water quality standards set by local authorities. For this reason, department of environmental (DOE) in Malaysia had set a standard for construction sites to carry out water quality monitoring for sediment basin discharge for Total Suspended Solids (TSS) and turbidity. The TSS concentration of the sediment basin discharge should not exceed 50 mg/L, while the turbidity reading should not exceed 250 NTU. 
Continuous Online Monitoring Continuous Online Monitoring

Continuous Monitoring

Total Suspended Solids and Turbidity monitoring systems can assist environmental officers in constantly monitoring the TSS and Turbidity of untreated water and taking appropriate action if the water quality deteriorates.
The system is powered using solar energy thus making it ideal for medium to long-term applications with its on-board battery and solar panels.  For data logging, we have various data loggers that could integrate with TSS & Turbidity sensor and transmission of real-time data to our data monitoring platform where alarms can be configured to alert user when critical thresholds are exceeded. 
Short-term Monitoring

In-situ Monitoring

For short-term monitoring applications can often be covered by the 750W² Portable Total Suspended Solids & Turbidity monitor and SoliTechw² IR Sensor. The rugged unit has a built in data recorder for storing a minimum of 500 data and internal calibration for Total Suspended Solids and Turbidity measurements.

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