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Telemetry Rainfall Stations

Surechem supplied and installed multiple telemetry rainfall stations in Kuala Lumpur. The system consists of RIM7499 Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge to capture rainfall intensity connected to NEON Remote Logger (NRL) 3004 for live data transmission to the server.


The built-in cellular modem in Neon Remote Logger transmits all of the data collected to Neon Application Software running on the server. Data is made available to user through Neon Server Application Software and a custom-made WebPortal. User-defined thresholds can be configured through Neon Server Application Software and to send alert messages to the users, alerting them if the rainfall intensity is too high which might lead to flooding. 

The Importance of Rain Intensity Monitoring for Flood Mitigation and Warning

Monitoring rain intensity is important for flood mitigation and flood warning because it provides information about the amount and intensity of precipitation in a given area, which can help predict the likelihood and severity of flooding. The more intense the rainfall, the higher the likelihood of flooding, especially if the ground is already saturated with water from previous rainfall or if the drainage systems are clogged or overwhelmed.


By monitoring rain intensity, meteorologists and hydrologists can determine the amount of runoff that will occur in a given area and the rate at which it will enter the river systems. This information is crucial for predicting and mitigating the impacts of floods, including the timing and extent of inundation, the potential for flash flooding, and the risk of damage to infrastructure and communities.


Additionally, monitoring rain intensity can also provide information about the location and distribution of rainfall, which can help determine the areas most at risk of flooding and support the development of early warning systems. This can help ensure that communities are prepared and can take appropriate actions to protect themselves, their homes, and their businesses in the event of a flood.


Overall, monitoring rain intensity is a critical component of effective flood warning and mitigation efforts, and helps to ensure that communities are prepared and protected from the impacts of floods.

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