AQUARIUS - Water Data Management Software

Surechem provided end-to-end services by supplying, installing, and seamlessly migrating all existing stations and data of Malaysia's Department of Irrigation & Drainage to the AQUARIUS Time-Series platform.


AQUARIUS Time-Series stands as a leading analytics software solution in water resources management to monitor flooding, water quality, stormwater and more, offering an array of sophisticated features tailored to meet the demands of hydrologists and hydrologic modeling professionals. Among its key capabilities are:

Data Management

Data Management

AQUARIUS Time-Series allows users to store and manage large amounts of time-series data from a variety of sources, including sensors, simulations, and observations. It provides tools for data quality control, data filtering, and data reconciliation, to ensure that the data being used is accurate and reliable.

Visualization for Faster Decision-Making


The software provides advanced visualization capabilities, allowing users to easily view and analyze their time-series data in a variety of graphical formats, such as line graphs, bar charts, and scatter plots.


Perform Complex Analysis Quickly

Data Analysis

AQUARIUS Time-Series includes a variety of statistical and mathematical tools for data analysis, including trend analysis, seasonal analysis, and statistical testing. It also provides advanced tools for data assimilation, which can help to improve the accuracy of hydrologic models.



Modeling Support

The software is designed to support hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, allowing users to easily integrate their time-series data into their models. It provides tools for model calibration, verification, and validation, to ensure that the models are accurate and reliable.

Automate QA/QC Workflows

Unlock time and resource efficiencies with automation where customers have reported a decrease in time spent on QA/QC process by 90%. Retain full visibility through a detailed and easy–to–understand audit trail, enabling you to oversee the process with the flexibility to approve or reject the tool’s actions and suggestions. HydroCorrect empowers data quality standards across the organization, ensuring a uniform QA/QC process that does not leave room for errors.

Collaboration & Reporting

Collaboration & Reporting

AQUARIUS Time-Series includes features for collaboration and data sharing, allowing multiple users to work together on a project. It also includes advanced reporting capabilities, allowing users to generate detailed reports and presentations that can be used to communicate their results to others.

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