NEON Telemetry Station with Geolux's Radar Flowmeter

Surechem supplied and installed Geolux RSS-2-300WL Radar Flowmeter at the inlet and outlet of multiple floodwater retention ponds in Kuala Lumpur. The flowmeters can be connected to a NEON Remote Logger (NRL) 3004 or directly to the control center's SCADA system through an RS485 MODBUS connection for live data monitoring. 

The Importance of Measuring Total Flow Intake in Flood Water Retention Ponds

Measuring the total flow intake of a floodwater retention pond is important for several reasons:


  • Performance Evaluation: Monitoring the inlet and outlet flow helps assess the effectiveness of the retention pond in managing floodwater. By comparing the incoming flow (inlet) with the outgoing flow (outlet), engineers can determine how much water the pond is retaining and how much is being released.


  • Capacity Planning: Understanding the flow rates allows engineers to design retention ponds of appropriate size and capacity. If the inlet flow exceeds the pond's capacity, it could lead to overflow and potential flooding downstream. Conversely, if the outlet flow exceeds the inflow, it might indicate inefficiency in retention, necessitating modifications or additional retention infrastructure.


  • Flood Management: By accurately measuring inflow and outflow, authorities can make informed decisions during flood events. They can anticipate downstream impacts and manage water releases accordingly, potentially mitigating flood risks for downstream communities.


  • Maintenance and Optimization: Regular monitoring allows for early detection of issues such as sediment accumulation, blockages, or structural damage that may affect the pond's performance. This data can inform maintenance schedules and optimization efforts to keep the retention pond functioning efficiently.


Overall, measuring the total flow intake of a floodwater retention pond provides valuable information that can be used to improve flood management, protect water quality, and comply with regulations.

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