"The Importance of Flood Warning Systems Near Dam Outlets"

Installing a flood warning system near a dam outlet is important for several reasons:


  • Safety: The main purpose of a flood warning system near a dam is to provide early warning of a potential dam failure or overtopping. This gives people living downstream sufficient time to evacuate and avoid potential loss of life.


  • Mitigating Damage: The system helps to mitigate potential damage to infrastructure, such as bridges, roads, and buildings, by providing early warning of a potential flood.


  • Effective Management: The system provides dam operators with critical information they need to make informed decisions about dam operations, including releasing water from the dam to reduce the risk of overtopping or failure.


  • Early Warning: A flood warning system near a dam provides early warning of rising water levels, which allows for early evacuation of school and surrounding community and ultimately reduces the impact of flooding.


Flood Warning Siren System

Flood Warning Siren System

The system incorporates the precision of SEBA Hydrometrie's PS-Light-2 water level sensor to meticulously measure water levels at the dam outlet. This sensor, alongside the Whelen Mass warning siren system, interfaces seamlessly with Campbell Scientific's CR1000X Datalogger. Together, they enable automatic activation of sirens when water levels surpass user-defined thresholds.


Moreover, the datalogger's integration with a cellular modem ensures real-time data transmission to the authority's control center. This not only facilitates continuous live data monitoring but also allows for remote triggering of the siren, enhancing responsiveness and control over potential hazards.

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