Discharge/ Flow Monitoring System

About Flow

Flow is a critical parameter because of the impact it has on water quality as well as the living organisms and habitats in the stream. Large, swiftly flowing rivers can withstand pollution discharges with little impact, whereas small streams have less capacity to dilute and degrade waste. Flow information is also crucial and required to determine how much water was flown or directed into different flood reservoir so the respective personnel can make informed decisions during flood events. 
Discharge/ Flow Monitoring System Discharge/ Flow Monitoring System Discharge/ Flow Monitoring System

Discharge/ Flow Monitoring System

A flow telemetry system often consist of a datalogger as the central component of the system. Which is compatible with wide range of sensors and with the addition of wireless transmission modem, data can be transmit real-time to data monitoring platform via cellular or satellite communication. For the sensor, Geolux RSS-2-300WL Flow Meter is usually integrated into flow telemetry system for level, velocity and flow measurement.

Due to the advanced non-contact radar technology, Geolux RSS-2-300WL Flow Meter is not affected by contamination, debris, or driftwood in the water. Furthermore, the non-contact measurement ensures low maintenance and fail-safe operation, particularly in high water or during flood event. 


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