Plant Disease Monitoring

Plant Health

There is a critical demand for more sustainable agriculture practices to increase crop yields to meet the demand for a rapidly growing population.
However, farmers are facing many obstacles, such as extreme temperatures, soil degradation, and drought that are expected to worsen as the climate changes. Increased sustainable agricultural practices are needed to ensure high yields that utilize minimal inputs and are minimally destructive to the land.
Plant health monitoring is one such method to increase yields and decrease environmental impact. Using low-cost, in-field methods, water level, soil quality, and presence of pathogens and pests could be constantly monitored. Expensive agrichemicals and water can be used in a directed manner for optimal plant growth.
Plant Disease Station

Plant Disease Monitoring Station

Stay ahead of devastating foliar diseases and insects. Our multichannel disease weather station can increase profits through timely decision making. The WatchDog Plant Disease Station combines convenience with a reliable package of monitoring and data logging capabilities designed to alert you to conditions that lead to disease.
Choose from two types of plant disease stations to monitor current and historical plant disease severity indictors.
Item 3684PD1 - The WatchDog Plant Disease Station includes a WatchDog 1000 Series Micro Station Model 1450, Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge, Radiation Shield, and a Leaf Wetness Sensor.
  •    Data log current and historical plant disease severity indicators
  •    Requires SpecWare 9 Basic or Pro (v9.2 or later) software