UV-A & UV-B Radiometers

Radiometer with broad spectral response for measuring of atmospheric irradiance in the UV-A and UV-B spectrum. The sensing element is a photodiode with optical filter with interferential deposition in order to improve spectral transmission. A High-quality dome and diffuser improves cosine response for radiations coming from lower angles.


  • Good answer to the UV-A and UV-B band curves;
  • Calibration made under the sun for a better response to sunshine and athospheric conditions;
  • Traciability to ARPA Ivrea (Italy) laboratory (ISO17025);
  • Very good cosine response;
  • Broadband spectral response;
  • Thin film metal interference filter technology and specially developed silicon photodiode according to WMO requirements;
  • Analogue output: 4÷20 mA and 10÷30 Vac/dc power supply.