05305-L Wind Monitor, Air Quality Version

The 05305 is a lightweight, high-performance wind-speed and wind-direction sensor designed specifically for your air-quality measurements. It is more responsive but less rugged than the other wind monitors.
  • Compatible with most Campbell Scientific data loggers
  • Constructed with thermoplastic material that resists corrosion from sea-air environments and atmospheric pollutants
  • Lower starting threshold, faster response, and higher accuracy than the other wind monitors
  • Meets or exceeds requirements of the following regulatory agencies: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Agency, and American Nuclear Society
  • Compatible with the LLAC4 4-channel Low-Level AC-Conversion Module, which increases the number of anemometers one data logger can measure
  • Compatible with the CWS900-series interfaces, allowing it to be used in a wireless sensor network
  • General (Rain with light snow. Little or no riming or blowing sand. No salt spray.)
  • Air quality (Designed to meet specific government standards for air-quality applications.)
Measurement Description Wind speed and direction
Operating Temperature Range -50° to +50°C (assuming non-riming conditions)
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