MEXID Miniaturized MPBX

The MEXID Miniaturized MPBX is a small-diameter Multi-Point Borehole Extensometer (MPBX) designed for 50mm (2") boreholes. The MEXID is ready to monitor up to four points. The system incorporates steel anchors, fiberglass rods, dedicated grouting tubes, and vibrating wire or 4-20mA displacement transducers. The stainless steel extensometer head installs flush with the surface, minimizing any obstruction of the work area.
Range 50 mm and 150mm 50 mm and 150mm
Material stainless steel stainless steel
Output signal 4-20mA (displacement), Ohm (temperature) frequency (displacement), Ohm (temperature)
Accuracy Pol. MPE (50mm)±0.20% FS, (150mm)±0.15% FS ±0.30% FS
Typical frequency range    2250 - 3000 Hz
Operating temperature -20°C to +80°C -20°C to +80°C
Anchor Material galvanized steel rebar galvanized steel rebar