Vibrating Wire And Spot-Weldable Strain Gauges

The vibrating wire spot-weldable strain gauges are mainly designed to measure strain on steel-structure surface. The gauge consist of a steel wire tensioned between two plates which can be either spot-welded or epoxy bonded to the surface in question. Gauge is pre-tensioned during manufacturing at mid full scale or in any other position if requested. Measuring coil is mounted inside a plastic red box with a buil-in thermistor for data thermal corrections
Method of installation surface mount strain-gauge with spot-weldable end plates
Active gauge length 47.5 mm
Range (nominal) 500µε to 3500µε
Sensitivity 1.0 με
Accuracy ±0.5% FS
Stability 0.1% FS/year
Typical frequency range from 1130 to 3000 Hz
Coil resistance 150 Ohm
Thermistor type NTC 3 kΩ
Thermal coefficient of expansion 12.0 ppm / °C
Temperature range -20°C a +80°C