20.06 Sampling Building Materials

The set consists of an auger set, measuring- and sieving equipment and sampling shovels. The samples can be sieved with the stainless steel sieves. For position determination and measurement of the building materials to be sampled use can be made of the surveying instruments which are included in the set. For distance measurements, the synthetic measuring tape with a length of 50 metres can be used. The included lightweight, liquid-damped clinometer has an accuracy of 5 degrees on the top scale and 1 degree on the precision scale. On the per cent scale the clinometer has an accuracy of 1% from 0-70% and 2% from 70-150%. For determination of position, a mirror compass is also included in the set. The included electronic balance has a capacity of 12000 g and an accuracy of 1 g and dust and splashes waterproof housing.