Mobile, compact field laboratory for measuring water quality parameters (e.g. oxygen, pH, conductivity, redox potential, turbidity) in surface waters

Individually configurable:
The Checker-2 can be adapted and tailored to the desired measuring task. You can select between three multi-parameter probes (MPS-D3/D8/K16), which can be equipped with a wide range of water quality sensors.

Compact and user-friendly:
The Checker-2 boasts a sleek, lightweight design. Using a flexible coiled cable, the user can easily immerse the multiparameter probe into the measured medium. For easy operation and display of the Checker-2 via a membrane keyboard and a backlit LCD, which ensures clear legibility even under diffuse, strong sunlight.

The Checker-2 is an "all-in-one" device which allows for the recording of all desired water quality parameters obtained in a measurement process. Optionally, an integrated logger is available which automatically stores all relevant measurement data manually by pressing a key, or as at predetermined intervals. With the comfortable evaluation software DEMASvis the data collected can be easily processed later on in the office.

Sensor Option 


Multiparameter probe MPS-D3 type

Multiparameter probe MPS-D8 type

Multiparameter probe MPS-K16 type


Measurement Transducer

Material Shock-resistant plastic
Dimensions Ø 130mm, Length: 150mm
Protection Class IP65
Keyboard 3 multifunction buttons
Display 3-line LCD (liquid crystal display) with backlight
Cable 2 m spiral cable made of PU with 5 pins. Circular connectors (RS485) for Checker-2 and stainless steel coupling for MPS-D3/8/K16