HCUS-500 integrated ultrasonic level sensor, optional 2-wire 4-20mA specific aluminium alloy case for flameproof requirements. Suitable for higher grade applications.

Ultrasonic level transmitter is a non-contact, high reliability, cost-effective, easy to install and maintain level measurement instrument. It is a low-cost measuring device for measuring liquids, slurries and solids at industrial sites. It is widely used in water treatment, municipal, chemical, metallurgical and mechanical manufacturing industries.


  • None-contact continuous measurement, reduce maintenance
  • Automatic power adjustment, gain control, temperature compensation.
  • Advanced detecting technology, rich software functions to adapt to a variety of complex environment.
  • Various output forms: programmable relay output, high-precision 4-20mA current output, rs-485 digital communication output.
  • Good directivity, strong penetrability, easy to obtain more concentrated sound energy to get further transmission distance.
Application Solid, liquid
Measuring Range 0 - 20m
Process Connection Thread
Process Pressure ≤0.3MPa
Accuracy 0.5%-1.0%
Protection Grade Display Meter IP67/Probe IP68
Signal Output 4-20mA/HART
Explosion-Proof Grade Ex d IIB T4 Gb, Ex ib IIB T6 Gb