MJK 713 Open Channel Flow Meter Ultrasonic

MJK open channel flow meters come with either ultrasonic or hydrostatic sensors. Using built-in ISO 1438 formulas to calculate flow based on level measurements, MJK 713 measures and registers flow in open channels and weirs. The formulas are created for ordinary flumes such as Parshall, Venturi and Palmer-Bowlus, but also V-weirs and rectangular weirs can be used. It is also possible to set up a simple formula based on level/flow linearity.

In Waste Water, the MJK 713 Flow Converter measures the water level behind a weir or in a pre-fabricated flume. It converts the level using the ISO norm 1438 flow formula to calculate an actual flow and totalized volume. This gives the 713 flow converter the highest possible accuracy and therefor it can be used for billing purposes. To provide solutions for many applications, MJK Open Channel Flow Meters are supplied with ultrasonic or hydro-static sensors.

713 Flow Converter's outputs can be connected to an external instrument or data logger to record flow volumes. The digital outputs are used for, e.g. an external alarm device to warn of excessively high or low flow, an external flow counter or a liquid sampler controlled proportionate to flow.

713 open channel flow meters are often used to measure outlet from treatment plants, storm flow sites or industrial wastewater outlets. MJK provides three types of measuring channels; Venturi, Parshall and Palmer-Bowlus. These are available in stainless steel or fiberglass-reinforced polyester depending on the type.

MJK 713 Flow Converter measures water level before an overflow or in a prefabricated flume. This water level can be converted using ISO1438 standardized formulas. In this way, flow and total volume are calculated with very high precision. Therefore, MJK 713 can also be used for settlement.

713 Flow Converter comes with ultrasonic or hydrostatic level transmitter - depending on what the best solution is at your installation.

To record the flow, the output signal is sent to an external controller or data logger. The digital signal can be used for e.g. alarms at too high or too low flow volume. But the signal can also be used to control a sampler that can sample the liquid in a control that is proportional to the flow.

Measuring Ranges 0-1 m, 0-3 m
Supply 220-240V AC, 110-120V AC or 24V DC appr. 10 VA
Accuracy ≤ ±1 % (min. ±1 mm)