TF1100-DC Dual-Channel Clamp On Ultrasonic Flowmeter

TF1100-DC Dual-channel Wall-mounted Transit Time Ultrasonic Flowmeter works on the transit-time method. The clamp-on ultrasonic transducers (sensors) are mounted on the external surface of the pipe for non-invasive and non-intrusive flow measurement of liquid and liquefied gasses in fully filled pipe. Two pairs of transducers are sufficient to cover the most common pipe diameter ranges. In addition, its optional thermal energy measurement capability makes it possible to carry out a complete analysis of thermal energy usage in any facility.

This flexible and easy to use flow meter is the ideal tool for the support of service and maintenance activities. It can also be used for the control or even for the temporary replacement of permanently installed meters.

The TF1100-DC is now Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Air Negara (SPAN) certified!


  • Dual channel non-invasive transducers to ensure high accuracy 0.5% of the flow meter.
  • Easy to install, cost effective, and require no pipe cutting or processing interrupt.
  • Wide liquid temperature range: -35℃~200℃.
  • Data logger function.
  • Aluminum or Stainless steel SUS304 sensors for your optional.
  • Thermal energy measurement capability can be optional.
  • For commonly used pipe materials and diameters from 20mm to 6.0m.
  • Wide bi-directional flow range of 0.01 m/s to 15 m/s


Measurement Principle Ultrasonic transit-time difference correlation principle
Resolution 0.1mm/s
Repeatability 0.15% of reading
Accuracy ±0.5% of reading at rates >0.3 m/s);±0.003 m/s of reading at rates<0.3 m/s
Response Time 0.5s
Sensitivity 0.001m/s
Damping of Displayed Value 0-99s(selectable by user)
Flow Velocity Range 0.01 to 12 m/s, bi-directional
Liquid Types Supported Both clean and somewhat dirty liquids with turbidity <10000 ppm
Power Supply AC: 85-265V  , DC:24V/500mA
Enclosure Type Wall mounted
Degree of Protection IP66 according to EN60529
Operating Temperature -10℃ to +60℃
Housing Material Fiberglass
Display 4.3’’ color LCD 5 lines display, 16 keys
Units User Configured (English and Metric)
Rate Rate and Velocity Display
Totalized gallons, ft³, barrels, lbs, liters, m³,kg
Thermal Energy unit GJ,KWh can be optional
Communication 4~20mA(accuracy 0.1%),Frequency(1-9999Hz), Relay, RS232, RS485 (Modbus),Logged data
Security Keypad lockout, system lockout
Size 244*196*144mm
Weight 2.4kg



Degree of Protection IP65. IP67 or IP68 according to EN60529
Suited Liquid Temperature


Pipe Diameter Range 20-50mm for type B, 40-4000mm for type A
Transducer Size

Type A    46(h)*31(w)*28(d)mm

Type B    40(h)*24(w)*22(d)mm

Material Aluminum or Stainless steel SUS304
Cable Length Std: 10m