CO2 and H2O Eddy-Covariance System

Eddy-Covariance System

The eddy-covariance (EC) technique is widely used to quantify the exchange of heat, carbon dioxide, water vapor, and other trace gases between Earth’s surface and the atmosphere. These data provide the information required to analyze carbon storage properties of various ecosystems, create accurate gas exchange budgets, and compare emissions characteristics between various land use such as agricultural lands, forestlands, sagebrush steppe, or urban plots and landfills. 
CO2 & H2O Open-Path Gas Analyzer and 3-D Sonic Anemometer

CO2 & H2O Open-Path Gas Analyzer and 3-D Sonic Anemometer

Campbell Scientific’s IRGASON® fully integrates the open-path analyzer and sonic anemometer. Designed specifically for eddy-covariance carbon and water flux measurements, the patented design is easier to install and use than separate sensors and provides increased measurement accuracy. The IRGASON® simultaneously measures absolute carbon dioxide and water vapor, air temperature, barometric pressure, three-dimensional wind speed, and sonic air temperature.
The Campbell Scientific's IRGASON® can be integrated to our datalogger supporting SDM, RS-485, USB, analog interfaces.