02.01 Tripods

A tripod is an essential part of a bailer boring set (cable tool drilling equipment). Also drillings at greater depths, or the application of heavier augering or soil core sample equipment require the use of a tripod. In selecting a tripod, working height, weight, and maximum load capacity (= tensile force) are usually determinant factors. However, the range of application is of such a magnitude, that the selection of the tripod depends strongly on the kind of work that may have to be performed with the selected tripod besides the performance of soil drillings. Our program includes a lighter version (tensile force 4 kN, art. no. 02.01.01) and a heavy version (tensile force 18 kN, art. no. 02.01.04). Each leg of the tripod consists of three parts. On top, a snatch block is fixed to both tripods, which is used as a guider for the cable of the hand-operated winch that is to be used with the tripod. At the bottom, the legs of the heavy version are provided with a point to prevent sliding. To increase the bearing capacity, particularly in soft soils, a separate baseplate is provided for each leg. The legs of the lighter one are provided with base plates.
  • Light-weight aluminium tripods
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to transport