06.02 Penetrograph

The penetrograph is a devise for determination of the penetration resistance of the ground. The standard set is equipped with various penetration cones, recorder pens, probe rods and recording charts. The entire set, including spare parts, instructions, cone check and the tool are packed in an aluminium carrying/transport case. Every penetrograph is supplied with a quality test report. The penetrograph measuring range is up to 5000 kN/m2 (= 5 MPa) and is suitable for measurements at depths up to 0.80 m
  • Penetrograph with compression spring for measurements to 5000 kN/m2 (50 kgf/cm2), inclusive test report (exclusive handle)
  • Used to measure penetration resistance of the ground
  • Determining the ground load-bearing capacity, and the ease with which roots will grow through the ground.