TLS-100 Soil Thermal Conductivity Portable

The TLS-100 is a portable meter used to measure thermal conductivity and thermal resistivity of a variety of samples, including soil, rocks, concrete, and polymers. Best for soil, rock, concrete, and polymers
  • Thermal conductivity testing equipment for concrete, polymers, soil and soft rock
  • Follows international standards: ASTM D5334-14, & IEEE 442-2017
  • Portable, Economical, and Accurate
  • Easy to use
  • Standard 100 mm / 150 mm sensor for soft materials
  • Standard 50 mm sensor for hard materials


Materials Soil, Rock, Concrete, & Polymers
Measurement Capabilities Bulk Properties
Thermal Conductivity 0.1 to 5 W/m•K
Thermal Resistivity 0.2 to 10 m•K/W
Measurement Time 3 min.
Reproducibility ± 2%
Accuracy ± 5%
Temperature Range -40 to 100°C
Largest Sample Size Unlimited

100 mm: ASTM D5334-14, and IEEE 442-1981;

150mm: ASTM D5334-14, IEEE 442-1981, and IEEE 442-2017