08.01 Sandbox For pF-Determination

The standard set for pF-determination pF 0 - 2.0 (0 - 0.1 bar) consists of the sandbox with control panel, suction levelling stand, water supply bottle with stand, filter cloth (140-150 micron), a number of containers synthetic sand, grain size approximately 73 micron and various accessories. A maximum of 40 soil sample rings can be placed on the sandbox. The samples that are measured are taken using soil sample rings. These rings usually have a contents of 100 cc. In addition to the standard set a soil sample ring kit must be available as well as cases with soil sample rings and aluminum soil sample boxes. For the determination of the pF the laboratory should also be equipped with a balance and a drying oven. The table on which the instrument is placed should be level and isolated against vibration. Before measuring of the moisture tension can commence the different parts must be mounted and the drain must be fitted with a filter cloth.
Maximum number of samples 40
Measuring range 0 - 2.0 pF
Measured parameters pF
Reading accuracy 0.0001 bar
Sample specification undisturbed
Sample stored in ring